14 big deals: massage gun, air purifier and sweeping robot

Happy Halloween!it is The best time to start paying more attention to self-care. As the beautiful autumn turns into winter, we tend to hide in our houses, reduce sunlight and fresh air, and spend more time under the covers. Hope this weekend you dress up nicely, eat sweets, and enjoy the end of the gloomy month (RIP). But between panic, you may want to browse the deals on these gadgets, which should help make you feel good.

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Air purifier discount

Dyson humidifier
  Dyson Pure Humidification + Cool Photography: Dyson

Keeping the air in your home clean is part of practicing self-care, and you don’t actually need to do anything. Just plug in one or two air purifiers, then take a deep breath and clean.

I know I know. Even in sales, this Dyson purifier is very expensive.But Dyson’s products work well, this one combines air purification and cooling fans with humidifier. It is more suitable for larger rooms, and it has a self-cleaning function, which makes the maintenance of the humidifier easier.

We have tried a lot of Coway purifiers and like most of them, but this is our first choice for small rooms. It is relatively affordable (in the world of air purifiers), compact, and most importantly, can be used when you need it. The air quality monitor activates the fan when it detects unsafe particles and shuts it off when the air is pure.

This purifier used to sell for about US$690, but the price has dropped recently. It recently fell to just under $300, but it is still a considerable deal. It’s bulky, so you need space, but it’s perfect for a 484 square foot room, it’s very quiet, and can be controlled through a simple app.

Oral care discount

The picture may contain human hands and fingers
  Quip refillable dental floss stick Photo: Waffle

After you have eaten all the Halloween candies, you will want to use one of our favorite electric toothbrushes to keep your teeth clean and free of cavities.

For some reason, I prefer to use dental floss instead of the string version, but the one-time use is not good for the environment. I like Quip’s reusable picks. It has a metal or plastic body (the latter is $10 cheaper) and comes with a box that combines dental floss and tools so you can put it in Wallet or desk drawer. (It has a mirror!) Open the pick, put it on the rope, close it and tear it apart, and you’re done.We also recommend Quip’s electric toothbrush, It is similar in style and function to the Smile Direct below, but with a thinner neck.

I have been using this toothbrush for a few months and love it very much, so I will include it in future updates of our toothbrush guide. It is always affordable, even at full price, and it works very well. It doesn’t oscillate like an Oral-B brush, but it vibrates enough to allow you to clean deeply without scrubbing hard. It is also light and small, and its stand can be placed on a counter, attached to a mirror, or (when opened) doubles as a bristle protector when traveling.

Oral-B Pro 1000 is an excellent electric toothbrush, thanks to the circular swinging brush head, it can remove almost every inch of teeth.It is very powerful (a bit too powerful at first, but you will get used to it) and there are several Compatible brush head More personalized cleaning. It usually fluctuates between US$40 and US$50.

Robot vacuum cleaner sale

The picture may contain electronic hardware, computer mouse equipment and vacuum cleaners
  Roborock S4 Max Photography: Stone

In addition to keeping the air clean, you also need to keep the floor clean. Let the robot do the housework for you! Now it is self-care. For more suggestions and suggestions, please refer to our complete guide.

Click the coupon button to view the transaction price at checkout. This is our runner-up robot vacuum cleaner. It contains features that are usually only found in super expensive robots, such as mapping, virtual obstacles and problem detection. In addition, its 3-hour battery life is impressive, and it has a large dust box, so it can run longer without being emptied.

Click the coupon button to view the transaction price at checkout. This stone is good at picking up pet hair. It uses two stereo cameras to avoid obstacles, pet owners, and yes, including pet feces. (you do not want Want to handle a robot vacuum cleaner that tries to suck away a pet’s vacuum cleaner. )

Click the coupon button to view the transaction price at checkout. Good robot vacuum cleaners are expensive, but this is the cheapest vacuum cleaner we have tried so far. It cleans well, avoids steps and other common obstacles, and has a stable battery life (more than 100 minutes according to Adrienne So, senior associate editor of WIRED). It also supports Wi-Fi, so you can use the Yeedi app, Alexa or Google Assistant to control it.

Massage gun discount

Sportneer massager
  Sportneer mini 2 Photo: Sportneer

We have recently tested more massage guns for sore muscles, and some of them are being discounted. These are good for serious athletes and NARP (non-sports ordinary people).

Click the coupon button to view the transaction price at checkout. This small device is usually around $70. It is a good choice to put it in the car, desk drawer or gym bag, but don’t be fooled by its size. If you are not a serious athlete, it is enough to be your only massager. It has four attachments and intensity levels, and a smart mode that can change the intensity according to how hard you press. Sportneer’s full-size massage gun, Included in our honorable mention, when you click the coupon button, there is also a very small discount ($7).

Click the coupon button to view the transaction price at checkout. If you need a bunch of accessories for a super professional massage, this LifePro gun comes with eight accessories. It’s heavy, but it works well, and it’s cheaper than Theragun.

Click the coupon button to view the transaction price at checkout. This gun often drops to this price. If there is no discount, just wait a week. It is not the most powerful, but it has the heating function we love at the bottom. A little massage and a little heat will not hurt anyone.

Hair removal offer

Dermaflash Luxe
  Dermaflash Luxe Photo: Dermaflash

Trying to remove unwanted body hair? We have a guide with many suggestions, from cheap hair removal creams to more expensive and impressive technology products.

If you have pale skin and black body hair, intense pulsed light (IPL) devices are excellent at reducing hair growth. They aim and destroy the roots, so over time, you will find that regeneration has decreased a lot. They are also easy to use, painless and suitable for home use if you follow the instructions. However, they should not be used on blonde, red or gray hair, nor on very dark skin. Duo Lite has a lifespan of 100,000 flashes.If you can spend more money SmoothSkin Pure IPL The price is 319 US dollars (minus 60 US dollars). It has unlimited flash and skin tone sensors, which can prevent any user mistakes from damaging the skin.

If you want to remove hair and dead skin on your face, you may want to try skin care. It is more effective to do this in a professional spa (they usually use a sharp scalpel), but you can also try it at home. Dermaflash Luxe provides a luxurious way to remove hair and buildup by vibrating exfoliation.However, you don’t Have Spend this kind of money if you go Simulated facial shaver instead.

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